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                Instrument Center

                LineGene Mini

                Line Gene Mini is a portable fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument developed by the Bioer company to deal with diversified and complex environment. This product adopts the small capacity design of 16 single-tube , and can be used for battery power supply.At the same time, this new generation of PCR is used to create a new generation of fluorescence quantitative PCR with a customized version of Peltier module, new optical path design and top scanning.
                Application environment:  1,field operation, such as field, forest farm, farm and water source.2, disaster area or the field hospital, to make rapid and accurate clinical diagnosis of the disaster. Of course, it is also convenient for the handling and use of the lab.

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                 Sample Capacity

                 16 x 0.2ml tubes (flat and transparent cap) 

                 2 x 8-tube strips (flat and transparent cap}

                 Reaction Volume

                 10 -100ul

                 Temperature Control Mode

                 Tube mode

                 Temperature Control Method


                 Temperature Range

                 0- 100℃

                 Maximum Heating/Coaling Rate


                 Average Heating/cooling Rate


                 Temperature Resolution


                 Temperature Uniformity


                 Temperature Accuracy


                 Hot-Lid Temperature Range


                 Excitation Wavelength Range

                 400 to 700nm

                 Detection Wavelength Range

                 450 to 750nm


                 1 copy

                 Dynamic Range

                 1-1010 Copies

                 Factory Calibrated Dyes

                 BYQ 6618E

                 BYQ 6622E

                 BYQ 6623E

                  F1: FAM, 

                SYBR Green1
                  F3: ROX

                  F1 ; FAM, SYBR Green 1
                  F2: VIC, HEX,  TET,  JOE, TAMRA CY3,  NED

                  F1 : FAM, SYBR Green1
                  F2: VIC, HEX, TET, JOE, TAMRA, CY3, NED
                  F3; ROX



                 Net Weight

                 6.5 kg

                 Adapter Input Voltage

                 100 - 240V

                 Adapter Input Frequency

                 50 - 60Hz


                 DC 24V 180 w. power adaptor needed

                 Connection Options

                 USB port

                 Safety Protection and Alarm

                 Block, hot lid and heat sink temperature sensors shart circuit, open circuit alarm and pratection; Hot lid over temperature alarm and protection

                 Environment Temperature Range


                 Safety Certification 

                 IVD, CE MET, RoHS 2.0

                 Warm-up Time


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